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Tens of thousands flee as super typhoon hits the Philippines******


Flood-affected Philippines residents are evacuated from their homes next to a swollen river in Cagayan de Oro City on Mindanao Island, amid heavy rains brought by Super Typhoon Rai.。

Thousands of people in the Philippines fled their homes and beachfront resorts as super Typhoon Rai slammed into the country yesterday, with a charity warning the storm could hit coastal communities "like a freight train."

Rai was packing maximum sustained winds of 195 kilometers an hour as it made landfall on the southern island of Siargao at 1:30pm, the state weather forecaster said.。

It is the strongest storm to hit the disaster-prone country this year.。

"This monster storm is frightening and threatens to hit coastal communities like a freight train," said Alberto Bocanegra, head of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in the Philippines.。

"We are very concerned that climate change is making typhoons more ferocious and unpredictable."

The weather bureau warned "very destructive" winds could cause "heavy to very heavy damage to structures and vegetation," along with widespread flooding and rain-induced landslides.。

More than 90,000 people sought emergency shelter as the storm charged across the Pacific Ocean, disaster agencies said.。

Evacuations were still under way in areas in the typhoon's path. Among the evacuees were domestic tourists visiting the country's beaches and dive spots ahead of Christmas.。

Foreign travelers are still banned from entering the Philippines under COVID-19 restrictions.。

Verified video shot by tourists in Siargao showed trees swaying violently as people waited for the full impact of the typhoon.。

In the town of Dapa, families slept on the floor of a sports complex turned into a temporary evacuation center.。

Scores of flights have been canceled and dozens of ports temporarily shut as the weather bureau warned several meter-high storm surges could cause "life-threatening flooding" in low-lying coastal areas.。

Weather forecaster Christopher Perez said the winds could "topple electric posts and trees" and damage houses made of light materials.。

"Brace for heavy rains, brace for strong winds too," Perez told a briefing.。

Rai, locally named "Odette," is hitting the Philippines late in the typhoon season, with most cyclones developing between July and October.。

It is the second super typhoon to threaten the country since September when Chanthu grazed the northeastern tip of the main island of Luzon.。

Scientists have long warned that typhoons are becoming more powerful, and strengthening more rapidly, as the world becomes warmer because of man-made climate change.。

A super typhoon is also known as a category five hurricane in the United States.。

Beijing Stock Exchange to start trading on Nov. 15******

BEIJING, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- The newly-established Beijing Stock Exchange, intended to meet the financing needs of innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country, will start trading on Nov. 15, the bourse said Friday.。

The first batch of 81 companies will see their shares traded on the bourse starting on Monday, the exchange said in a statement.。

The total number of eligible investors will be more than 4 million after the exchange starts trading, said the exchange, adding that 112 security firms have been granted memberships of the stock exchange.。

The Beijing Stock Exchange will serve SMEs with the focus on innovation, promote the implementation of various policies and contribute to high-quality growth of China's real economy, said the bourse. Enditem。

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UN team in Fukushima to monitor waste water******

A team from the UN nuclear agency arrived in Japan yesterday to assess preparations for the release into the ocean of treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant.。

The experts on the team from the International Atomic Energy Agency are to meet with Japanese officials and visit the Fukushima Daiichi plant to discuss technical details of the planned release, Japanese officials said.。

The government and the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, announced plans in April to start gradually releasing the treated radioactive water in the spring of 2023 to allow the removal of hundreds of storage tanks to make room for facilities needed for the destroyed plant's decommissioning. The plan has been fiercely opposed by fishermen, local residents.。

Japan has requested assistance from the IAEA to ensure the discharge meets international safety standards and to gain the understanding of the international community. A larger 11-member IAEA mission is expected next month.。

Japanese economy and industry minister Koichi Hagiuda pledged last week that Japan will explain the outcome of the IAEA reviews to the international community "in a courteous and transparent manner."

A separate IAEA taskforce on water testing earlier collected fish samples from the Fukushima coast as part of a routine review along with technical assistance for the plant's decommissioning. The team included an expert from South Korea.。

A massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011 knocked out the Fukushima Daiichi plant's cooling systems, triggering the meltdown of three reactors. Since then, large amounts of water used to cool the still highly radioactive reactor cores has leaked extensively.。

西安疫情形势逐渐向积极主动方位变化 封控地区之外的地域传播风险性在降低******

  华商网讯 2022年1月4日(星期二),西安市政府举办西安新冠肺炎疫情防控工作中记者招待会(第46场),通告西安疫情防控工作中相关状况。










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